Image of the meme “Pepe Silvia” from the Fox TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with the words “Me trying to find where I spelled children like ‘childern’”

I’m dyslexic, which is interesting for one reason when it comes to coding: spelling. Over the years I have actually found it really difficult to have access to tools that help with that and with issues with font clarity for clearer reading. So if you are familiar or just interested in accessible tools for developers, hopefully, this helps you too!

But what does help? the color of text, background colors, font size, and font in general. Take a look at the article here if this is new to you.

To help myself, in my text editor of choice, Visual Studio…

Just explaining into the abyss

Recently I had a friend reach out to talk to me about APIs. It was unsurprising since they had spoken to me at the beginning of 2020 about changing into the tech sector by learning code at home. They asked great questions about languages and, unusually, they were interested in my enthusiastic explanations. You find that being into code and computers puts many into an uneasy disoriented haze while you talk about those subjects. But this friend was confused by Web APIs. What did they return? How did you use one?

In this article, I will discuss the answers to…

There's a decent amount of Rails tutorials on Medium and this will be another 🤷🏻‍♀️, but it has Letterkenny gifs.

To start this you need Ruby and Rails installed. I used homebrew on a Mac, and that was fantastic. To start, let's create a new application:

rails new MyApp

cd into the project, pitter-patter, and lets that get at it!

Let's start with understanding a crucial part of Rails. It's a MVC, model view controller, framework. Which means any app built in Rails has that frame.

So, that means we will need models, controllers, and views for this tutorial. To generate those things all you need to remember is:

rails g

Take generating a model for our User:


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